PictureBlog: My Baby Shower

Reasons to smile: My baby shower.

– 24-06-2018 –

Such a beautiful day with friends and family celebrating the soon to be arrival of Baby Grice. Jack and I are completely overwhelmed with all the gifts & love. Our baby is so spoilt already!! Here’s my photos from my special day.

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My Pregnancy Journey so far…

I found out I was pregnant on the 2nd November 2o17 after taking two positive pregnancy tests. I wasn’t actually surprised to see two very strong lines on each test.¬†because by the time it came to taking the tests, I already knew I was pregnant and would’ve been more shocked and confused if it was¬†negative. It is still hard to explain how I felt at the time. It was just really surreal. It wouldn’t sink it, (and it didn’t for quite a while).

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