Packing my hospital bag

Everything about being a first time mum is daunting. The fear of the unknown leaves so many questions in your head, and what you need to pack in your hospital bag is definitely one of them, (and even knowing when to start packing it).

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How To Make The Infamous School Dinner Cakes

One of my many cravings whilst being pregnant has been the infamous “school dinner cake”. You know, that delicious spongy cake with icing ands sprinkles. My face would always light up when I saw them in the dinner queue. After searching the shops and failing to find them, I concluded that I’d just have to make them myself which soon became a bit of an addiction as I’ve made four lots within two weeks. (I shared the majority of it, don’t worry). I’ve played around and put my own touch on it and thought I would share the ingredients and instructions with those of you that want to make this yummy cake.

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Growing up in the 2000’s 

Most say we’re fortunate because there are ‘a lot more opportunities these days’ and because we have technology where we can communicate with each other through the click of a button. In some aspects we are lucky, but in my opinion, this is more of a problem with today because it can turn people into materialistic individuals. There’s more to want these days, that’s the reality.
Some of the ‘older generation’ even say and think that we’re just a bunch of uneducated lost souls with no manners, discipline, respect or moral values, who are all mean to each and have babies before we’re married. But let me tell you, growing up in this day and age is HARD. Continue reading “Growing up in the 2000’s “

The Key To Happiness?


I love a good “TED Talks” video on YouTube. For those of you that have never watched these videos, they’re basically powerful speeches and people spreading their skills, ideas and knowledge. They always help me when I’m feeling demotivated or down.

Recently I watched a TED Talks video and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t shake off everything the lady had said in the video. I’m always open to learning new coping mechanisms; I’m good at overthinking and I’m also anxious a lot. I’ll try anything these days to get me through life, but this is something I wanted to share with you all, because if it benefits me, it can benefit you too…  Continue reading “The Key To Happiness?”