Welcome To The World

The past two months has consisted of so much nappy changing, feeding & visiting people that I’ve not had time to sit and blog but I am so happy to announce that we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world on Tuesday 10th July 2018. He was born at 10.26am weighing 6lb 7oz’s.

We named him Lorenzo Joe Jack Grice.

We are completely and utterly in love. He has bought so much love and joy into our lives and we couldn’t imagine life without him. He is just what I needed in my life but more than I ever dreamed of.

Everyone says time flies when you have a baby and they are so right. The overwhelming emotions of not wanting them to grow any older but also being in complete awe at how they grow and become more aware as the weeks go by. It’s such an amazing feeling. It feels like I blinked and now here we are, with a 2 month old thriving baby boy.

He’s really strong. I find it hard to wind him sometimes because he sits right up and quickly turns his head round to look at me. At 9 days old he rolled from his front to back. He’s so alert and loves to be held upright so he can explore the world through his big blue eyes. Patterns and lights are his favourite. He’s just gone into 0-3 month clothing but still fits into his 1 month clothing too, so he’s still our little dinks. We also call him our smiler, he’s so happy and content and blesses me with smiles every morning and throughout the day. He’s well and truly found his hands recently, they’re forever in his mouth and he’s also trying to speak to us by making the sweetest cooing noises. As for sleep; I expect him to wake every 3 hours and anything more is a bonus. On the rare occasion he’ll sleep for 5-6 hours, although it’s slowly becoming more frequent.

I’m in the middle of writing a blog about my labour and birth story, and I’m hoping I can get back into a more regular routine with my blogging. I have even more to blog about now! Xo


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I’m really not your average girl. I’m pretty random, pretty spontaneous. I’m fascinated with the universe, the planets, spiritualism, meditation, the law of attraction. I will always remember that one massive book in my nans ‘library’ room that was all about planets. I’d lose myself in it for hours! It’s mind-blowing how we are just one planet in a massive universe – but I’ll probably end up writing a separate blog post about this matter because I could go on and on. I love makeup but I love football more. I look like a girly girl but I’m a tomboy at heart. From a young age I’ve been brought up around football. Credit to my dad for that one who even took me to my first football match aged 8 months old at my home team, Portsmouth’s Fratton Park. I was surrounded by it constantly and just grew to love it and the way football is played. I’ve spent many of my days at Fratton park or stood on the side of a football pitch watching my little brother and dads football team play. Id consider myself creative – sometimes my overactive mind drives me crazy with little ideas. I have to write now to get a lot of it out. I’ll happily sit there for hours colouring fine detail pictures or just sketching. It’s really therapeutic if I’m honest. Sometimes I just want to become a hippy and not be apart of the outside world or be tied in with the government. Not saying I’m one for politics and I don’t really know enough about it to have much of a say on it but when I put things into perspective with the government and a lot of their rules, laws and “systems” it does really piss me off! I just want everyone to be chilled and loving lol but it’s an unrealistic want when I struggle to even get a smile back from the general public when I’m out. I know it’s easier said than done, especially when people are dealing with shit in their lives, but I think if everyone was a little more upbeat and open and commutated with each other, the world would be a much better place. I love music. All different kinds of music really, dependant on my mood.. like most people really. My favourite has to be reggae, techno, dnb & hip-hop. I grew up dancing to techno and hip hop music as I competed in freestyle disco and street dance. I think that’s one reason I love a rave so much. And as for reggae, I listened to that whilst in the womb. Bob Marley, like many, is my all-time favourite. I could sit and watch videos about him all day, especially interviews – I love his voice.

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