There is simply no hiding from the fact that sickness in pregnancy is common. In fact I don’t think a female can be sick in the morning without the world presuming they’re pregnant.

At first, I thought I had escaped the pregnancy sickness but at 9 weeks it crept up on me and made its appearance. For the first week or so, the sickness really was just ‘morning sickness’, but as the weeks went on I began to be and feel sick throughout the entire day, until about 6pm. Morning sickness quickly transitioned into ‘all day til 6’ sickness, even though I thought it would die down around the 12 week mark. I look back and laugh at that thought now. Oh how wrong I was……..

At 12 weeks, when the sickness didn’t die down and got worse, I knew this was going to be with me longer term and progress on into the second trimester. I’ve lost track of be amount of places I’ve been in where I’ve had to rush off to the toilet. Running down a long corridor at work became my new favourite thing to do and the disabled toilets became my best friend. Some days I’d spend more time in the toilet than I would with my work colleagues.

After countless trips to the doctors, I was eventually ‘diagnosed’ with Hypermeresis Gravidarum, which is ‘excessive nausea and vomiting’, in simpler terms. Not being able to keep down any solids or fluids kept leading to me being extremely dehydrated which is not good for the baby and can often lead to being hospitalised on an IV drip. They also found ketones in my urine, which happens when your body breaks down fat, rather than glucose, for energy. I was given anti-sickness medication but told to only take it if I really needed it.

I’ve now been being sick for 22 weeks. At 30 weeks pregnant, I’ve fully accepted that this sickness is here for the long run, but I wanted to put together a list of ways that I deal with it to share with you all, so here are nine tips that may help some of you;

  1. Keep Hydrated

    Ok, so I do understand that this is like completely hard when you can’t keep anything down, but you need to try and stay hydrated the best you can. Sickness is hard, but sickness with a headache on top is harder, and it’s better to bring something up than constantly reach and destroy your stomach. It really drains me and makes me feel really weak.  Sip water. I find that sipping Lucozade helps, just like my mum told me to do through those childhood sickness bugs, lol. 

  2. Rest

    Hypermesis Gravidarum can be extremely dangerous and  can even lead to you being put in hospital on a drip if you become severely dehydrated. The key to this is to rest, which can actually be really frustrating when you have a job to go to and a million and one other things to do, but it’s time to put that aside and do what’s best for you and your baby.

  3. Trust Your Body

    You know what is best for you and don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s okay not to feel okay, we’re growing humans inside of us at the end of the day and there is a reason why we’re being sick. Don’t feel guilty about needing a bit of extra help, letting people down on plans or having to leave work early. Trust your body and do what’s best.

  4. See The Doctor

    Make sure you see the doctor if you keep being sick and let your midwife know too. They’ll need to take a wee sample and make sure you’re hydrated enough. They may give you anti-sickness tablets too, however they do advise you to take them only when you really need them. (They don’t like you taking any medication when you’re pregnant to be honest… try suffering a migraine and the only thing you can take is paracetamol). 

  5. Be Remindful

    Being sick a lot every single day is physically and emotionally draining to say the least, especially when you’ve had to deal with it your entire pregnancy. It’s okay to feel down at times, I mean the hormones don’t help in the slightest either, do they? But it’s important to remind yourself that it will come to an end, and that when it does you’ll have your beautiful little baby in your arms. You’ve got this. 

  6. Pamper Yourself

    Once a week, pamper yourself; paint your nails, get some face masks, moisturise, chuck some tan on. Do what you do to make yourself feel better, fresher. Book in to have your hair done if you haven’t for a while, or ask a friend or family member to do it for you. It’s amazing how much better it can make you feel. It’s way to easy to get into the “chuck your hair up and make no effort” routine when you feel so rubbish and have no energy.

  7. Avoid Nausea Triggers

    Try to avoid anything that triggers your sickness. This might be the smell of something, or even certain things you do like washing up dirty food bowls, or being sick through stress. Remember not to feel guilty if you need a little extra help.

  8. Keep Some Food On You

    Biscuits. Ginger biscuits are probably best, but if that’s too much you can try rich tea. Even if you just nibble them, it’s important to get something down you, and additionally stops you from feeling as weak and dizzy. On that note, a sick bag for your car is never a bad shout. A couple of months ago I was sent home from work and I thought I would make the 10 minute car journey home without being sick. Wrong. I did lean out the window, but it didn’t quite work, and it wasn’t all that nice having to clean it up, either. Biscuits and sick bags…..

  9. Acceptance

    As draining and unattractive hyperemesis is, you need to put everything into perspective, pick yourself up on those crap days and accept that it’s just part of growing your baby, and in however many weeks or months when your baby is here, the last thing you’ll think of are the times you had to cradle the toilet.



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