This is a blog post I’ve wanted to publish for a long time. Countless times I have typed up blog posts about this ‘taboo’ subject, but countless times I’ve discarded them and never managed to upload anything I have written.

But after Tim Berling AKA Avicci’s family released a statement about his death being suicide, I felt it was the right time to finally write and publish this blog post.

When any ‘celebrity’ commits suicide, it reminds you again that not even success and money can make you truly happy. It makes you question the meaning of success, and what it means to you as an individual. But I think it proves that success for a lot of people is not what you accomplish in life or even the balance of your bank account.

What more do we really want in life? Happiness, really, isn’t it? To feel happy every day.

Mental health.

We all know there’s a tremendous amount of stigma surrounding mental health, but for me, here is the real issue;

When we feel poorly with for example a chesty cold or bad headaches, we go to the doctor. When we have a toothache, we see a dentist. When we break bones we can go to A&E and we can call an ambulance for other, more serious health issues.

But where do we go and who do we turn to when we’re experiencing agonising emotional pain and feel like the only way out would be to take our own life?

Unfortunately I know first hand how hard it is to get professional help. I visited a doctor, who told me to refer myself to the therapists through the NHS, but straight away I was put onto a waiting list. It took a year for me to finally see a therapist. A whole year.

Could you imagine waiting a whole year in A&E for someone to treat your broken arm? Could you imagine needing your wisdom teeth out but the soonest they could do it was in one years time?

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and emotional pain is just as painful as physical pain. In both situations we’re in pain and need help. There really is no difference between the two.

We’re neglected by the health care system. Don’t get me wrong, the therapists do an amazing job. My therapist was lovely and I cannot thank him enough. It’s not their fault that sadly people are placed onto a list and have to suffer in the meantime.

In my opinion there is no difference between the two. Two people, both in pain. Two people who both need help. And yet someone with a toothache can receive care and attention a whole lot quicker than someone who is going through something which is more painful but just less visible. When you put things into perspective like that, it just doesn’t make sense does it?

Suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49 years in England and Wales. 1 in 4 people report to have a mental health problem at some point and yet it remains in the shadow. No one wants to speak about it because it’s sad. Even those with lots of friends and family find it hard to speak to them.

It needs to be spoken about in schools, colleges and the workplace. We need to change the perception of the matter and make it ok to speak out.

No Stigma Attached

More needs to be done regarding mental health but until our government stop failing people and provide more funding, we all need to change. Change our way of thinking about mental health. There’s still hope.

1 in 4 people suffer at some point remember…

We all go through turmoil in life. There will unfortunately be a time in all our lives where we may be lonely or feel lonely, but isolation only provokes mental illness. We all have different ways of dealing with things that happen to us but we all need to stop lying to each other. If someone asks you if you’re okay and you’re really not okay, tell them… open up. Honestly, we can all relate with one another in some way. Speaking to someone is sometimes the hardest part, but we’re reminded that we’re not alone, and sometimes, as horrible as it is to know others are suffering, it’s brings a sense of relief that you’re not the only one going through a hard time… you’re not going crazy.

We all have mental and physical health, whether it’s good or bad.
But don’t be alone with it.
Because there’s nothing more exhausting than pretending you’re okay when you’re not.

6 thoughts on “Lets Talk Mental Health

  1. It’s not just the UK were this is a problem either. This is a real problem in Australia too.
    People really need to start taking mental health seriously and letting those around them know that it is ok to open up, be vulnerable and lean on others.
    Finding a good psychologist for me was really hard, it was so difficult to find someone who I could connect with and open up to that I ended up not looking for one.
    Thank you for sharing this important piece.


    1. Thanks for reading & replying. I completely agree – it’s a worldwide issue it seems. It needs to be taken a lot more seriously. I hope you’re doing ok and you managed to find a good therapist. Always here to chat! x


  2. Great article! I worked in the construction industry as a whs advisor and mental health issues contributed to so many issues and suicides. More needs to be done of course but it’s great people are talking about it more openly now.


    1. Thank you!! I think it’s the best we can do at the moment. Yes it’s so hard to get help but if we all opened up maybe people wouldn’t feel as isolated with it as they do. Thanks so much for reading xxx


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