New Years Resolution or Inside Revolution? 

It’s that time of year again where two thirds of the population are deciding on things they want to do in the new year and the other third are taking the piss out of the whole ‘new year new me’ crap. I’ve never really been one for New Years resolutions… I can always remember having them when I was younger, (even though I can’t remember any of them – clearly didn’t stick to them did I), but for the past couple of years I’ve never been able to think of anything. I always think if there’s something you want to do or change, then you should start to do it there and then. Change doesn’t just happen overnight, you have to teach yourself to adapt to it so why would you wait to start changing something?

With that being said, for me 2016 was riddled with negativity from January to December, so entering 2017 actually felt like a relief for me and a perfect opportunity to think of things that I want to change to make my life better. Last years problems don’t vanish just because it’s a new year so for me it’s about learning how to manage tough situations a bit better. Don’t get me wrong I’ve definitely got a few little things I want to achieve – the most cliche one of all is to get fitter and healthier but that’s not gonna happen for me until mid January because there’s too much Christmas food leftover lol…. the food doesn’t vanish cause it’s a new year either, does it? 😝 I also want to get into cooking. I want to actually enjoy cooking and get really good at it. My eating was poor last year. There’s no consistency in my diet at all, I eat little things at random times, sometimes I forget to eat and sometimes I just can’t be bothered to eat or sometimes I just pig out and eat way too much. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same day. And of course if I wanna be fitter and healthier than I need to eat better so I figured if I learn how to cook nice meals, then I’ll eat better and have the energy to work out for longer. Never know you might see me on come dine with me in the near future or maybe even master chef? Hahahaha…
Life goes quick and none of us are getting any younger and it seems the minute you turn 18 life seems to fly. My 18th felt like yesterday and now I’m 23 this year and starting to think seriously about my future and stability in life. Why didn’t they teach us this in school? I don’t think I’ll ever understand why I had to learn what 4b-6+a (completely made up algebra) was, but zero knowledge on how to manage finances or use a washing machine. School didn’t prepare me for this shit!
This year my goal is to feel more content in myself, to diminish the hypothetical worries that take over my mind every day of my life and to feel more at peace with myself and everything that has happened. I want to control the anger that evolved last year and be able to handle anything in a mellow and mature manner.

This may seem easy to some but for me it’s a challenge. I guess this year will be the year I start to rebuild my life and get used to change and figuring out what I do from this point moving forward that will better my future.
I wish everyone all the best with their New Years resolutions, no matter how big or small.
Peace & Love.


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I’m really not your average girl. I’m pretty random, pretty spontaneous. I’m fascinated with the universe, the planets, spiritualism, meditation, the law of attraction. I will always remember that one massive book in my nans ‘library’ room that was all about planets. I’d lose myself in it for hours! It’s mind-blowing how we are just one planet in a massive universe – but I’ll probably end up writing a separate blog post about this matter because I could go on and on. I love makeup but I love football more. I look like a girly girl but I’m a tomboy at heart. From a young age I’ve been brought up around football. Credit to my dad for that one who even took me to my first football match aged 8 months old at my home team, Portsmouth’s Fratton Park. I was surrounded by it constantly and just grew to love it and the way football is played. I’ve spent many of my days at Fratton park or stood on the side of a football pitch watching my little brother and dads football team play. Id consider myself creative – sometimes my overactive mind drives me crazy with little ideas. I have to write now to get a lot of it out. I’ll happily sit there for hours colouring fine detail pictures or just sketching. It’s really therapeutic if I’m honest. Sometimes I just want to become a hippy and not be apart of the outside world or be tied in with the government. Not saying I’m one for politics and I don’t really know enough about it to have much of a say on it but when I put things into perspective with the government and a lot of their rules, laws and “systems” it does really piss me off! I just want everyone to be chilled and loving lol but it’s an unrealistic want when I struggle to even get a smile back from the general public when I’m out. I know it’s easier said than done, especially when people are dealing with shit in their lives, but I think if everyone was a little more upbeat and open and commutated with each other, the world would be a much better place. I love music. All different kinds of music really, dependant on my mood.. like most people really. My favourite has to be reggae, techno, dnb & hip-hop. I grew up dancing to techno and hip hop music as I competed in freestyle disco and street dance. I think that’s one reason I love a rave so much. And as for reggae, I listened to that whilst in the womb. Bob Marley, like many, is my all-time favourite. I could sit and watch videos about him all day, especially interviews – I love his voice.

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