Dear 2017

Dear Two thousand and seventeen, Thank you for being better than 2016. Although you’ve been another year full of challenges and things are still far from perfect, it’s still an improvement and a step in the right direction. Advertisements

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Growing up in the 2000’s 

Most say we’re fortunate because there are ‘a lot more opportunities these days’ and because we have technology where we can communicate with each other through the click of a button. In some aspects we are lucky, but in my opinion, this is more of a problem with today because it can turn people into…

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The Key To Happiness?

I love a good “TED Talks” video on YouTube. For those of you that have never watched these videos, they’re basically powerful speeches and people spreading their skills, ideas and knowledge. They always help me when I’m feeling demotivated or down. Recently I watched a TED Talks video and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I…

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Seeking the Good in the world

I could sit here and type away about how unpleasant the world is with everything that’s happening. I could go on, we all could. I can hold my hands up and say that I’ve been frightened. Frightened to hang about in large crowds and very weary of my surroundings. The whole situation quite simply confuses…

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Our Mission To Help Jamaica

DONATE I recently posted about our recent experience with helping the children of Boscobel Primary school in Jamaica on a holiday earlier in the year. You can read the blog here: Boscobel Primary, Jamaica. Can you help? This is a follow up post because we’ve had a lot of love and support since I wrote…

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